Easy Cocktails Shooters for House Parties


Cocktails and Shooters Made So Friggin Easy 

What are Soulazy Cocktails & Shooters All About?

Whether its a chillout session with your buddies, or a house party with the whole gang, or even a drinking games night in a hotel room ... You NEED delicious tasting drinks. And I don't mean just Whisky Water or Vodka Sprite and Baccardi Coke. Especially after you've had one too many, it gets even harder to pour yourself a decent drink (I bet you know exactly what I mean).

Often we wish to enjoy our favorite cocktails and shooters outside clubs and lounges, but mixing these drinks can get quite tedious and messy. Not the case with Soulazy Cocktails.

We now can order fresh homemade cocktails and shooters by the bottle, ready to drink for all occasions. Its real simple, order your favorite cocktail, chill or freeze, and its Ready To Drink! On the rocks, with a splash of soda, or even straight up from the bottle :)

Boy isn't this exciting ...

Soulazy cocktail bottles are also very suitable for sexy pool parties as they float on water ;)

Soulazy cocktail bottles now come with a belt clip to suit your wild and funky dance party gear :P

More crazy party ideas and drinking games coming up soon.


Serve  Chilled 

Serving Suggestion:
Leave bottle in the freezer for an hour before consuming if you like your drinks ICE ICE BABY..

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