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 Sour Apple Martini  

Apple Martini

Vodka, Lemon Lime Twist, a splash of Apple and Melon Liquer

Unlike most Apple Martini's, you can keep drinking glasses after glasses of our version as we have made it very fruity and refreshing instead of sweet and strong. This drink is a Soulazy Signature Cocktail.


Tipsy Tips (Serving Suggestions):

  • Shooter: Pour 30ml into a shot glass and bottoms up.
  • Cocktail: Pour 90ml into a cocktail glass and serve.
  • Long Drink: Pour 30ml or 60ml (single or double) into a glass, top with lots of ice and soda or sprite or even juice.



  • Tipsy Teaser (390ml or 13 shots) only Rp. 299.000
  • Party Bottle (690ml or 23 shots) only Rp. 399.000


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Serve  Chilled 

Serving Suggestion:
Leave bottle in the freezer for an hour before consuming if you like your drinks ICE ICE BABY..

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